Founded: June 1990

Membership: The organisation has 300 members: 78 nurses, 14 physiotherapists, 181 urologists, gynaecologists and GPs, 27 others.

Funding: There is a circle of supporters consisting of companies which are interested in the field of incontinence, of which each pays an amount of US $2000 per year. We do not get any funding from the government. However, some additional money is earned by organising a technical exhibition at our annual meeting.

Activities: We organised a full day seminar for general practitioners on the topic Incontinence of the Geriatric Patient in St. Pšlten on June 14 1997. The next annual meeting of the Medical Society for Incontinence Help, Austria will be on November 30 1997 in Klagenfurt.

Prof. Dr. H Madersbacher