Society For Continence (Singapore)


The Society for Continence was formed and registered as a legal independent entity on 6 December 1991. Dr Peter H C Lim, Urologist from a government restructured hospital initiated the formation. Being the Head of the Division of Urology, he set up the Secretariat under his leadership in the hospital. The Society for Continence (Singapore) is an open Society, meaning that the membership is opened to health care professionals and the general public. With a generous donation from philanthropists, the Society was able to purchase necessary office equipment and started its operation in January 1992.


Executive Committee

Executive Committee members are elected by Society members at the Annual General Meeting and comprise of urologists, colorectal/paediatric surgeons, geriatricians, gynaecologists, nurses, family physicians and doctors from Rehab Medicine from various government, private and restructured hospitals of Singapore as well as several representatives from patients/sufferers who are members of the Society. The Executive Committee will determine all activities and implementation of policies.



The Editor is responsible for the Editorial Board of the newsletter. Various subcommittee chairmen are responsible for the formation the respective subcommittees and activities. All subcommittee chairmen are subject to the Executive Committee.



Membership has been classified as individual, life and corporate. At this point in time the Society have 120 individual members, 70 life members and 11 corporate members. Membership is not restricted for foreigners.


Benefits for Members

The Society has negotiated with corporate members for special concessions for members on incontinence related products. It has also made similar arrangement with local and hospital pharmacies for rebates on incontinence products for members. Corporate members are given priority in projects, publicity and charged at reduced rates compared to other exhibitors and supporters.


Training & Education

Training and Education has been grouped in three categories:

- Doctors

Instructional courses and seminars directed at general practitioners, colorectal/paediatric/urological/urogynaecological surgeons, rehabilitation and geriatric specialists interested in incontinence management.

- Nurses

Contemporary Management of Incontinence Course/Workshop is organised for nurses in Singapore annually. This course has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Singapore and has been included as part of the Ministry's post-basic training scheme. We also organsied special workshops for nursing members of the Society for in-depth knowledge as part of our Continuing Medical Education programme.

- General Public

The Society organises public forums, community centre talks, shows, products exhibitions, free counselling sessions and television/radio appearances bringing awareness about continence to thousands. The Society also conduct an incontinence hot-line advisory service 10am-5pm from Mondays to Fridays for the general public as a community service. The Society also organises workshops for patient members.

- Other Establishments

The Health Endowment Fund from the Ministry of Health has granted tax exemption status for out-right donors w.e.f. 1992. The Society is affiliated to the National Council Service and International Continence Society.


Ms Rani Vadiveloo
Executive Director