Formation: Our foundation was formed in 1982. Originally there was a patient organisation and a doctors' organisation. In 1980 this was merged into one foundation which is presently operating for patients and doctors. The main goal is information to public, patients and first-line medical workers.

Membership: (a) nurses - very few because there is a separate foundation for incontinence nurses;
(b) about 5 urologists - but every urologist receives our quarterly magazine;
(c) about 5 gynecologists;
(d) 2 geriatricians;
(e) 2 general practitioners;
(f) 10 physiotherapists;
(g) 180 patients;
(h) manufacturers of continence products or pharmaceuticals: 2 members of our Board represent our Industry Advisory Board, on which about 30 companies are represented.

Funding: Regular funding is very limited. Through our Advisory Board we receive about US$80,000 on a yearly basis which is just enough to keep a small secretarial office running. We also receive grants for the training of our so-called contact-persons. These are patients who are available for telephone contacts. We have about 20 contact-persons spread over the country.

Important events in 1997: 4th International Congress of the Dutch Urological Association, 5-7 November 1997, Maastricht, The Netherlands: Functional Urology Towards the Next Millennium. Contact person: R.A. Janknegt, University Hospital Maastricht, P.O. Box 5800, 6202 Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The Stichting Incontinentie Nederland (S.I.N.) is also planning to provide during this meeting a separate paramedical congress aimed at urologists and gynecologists.

Prof. Dr. R.A. Janknegt